Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Summer Weekend Recap

 Darling Husband and I both took Friday off of work to hang out and recharge. We had a lovely Date Day that started with al fresco lunch at Red Rocks; fish and chips for him, fish tacos for her. Then we went boating on Lake Norman. It's very rare we go out on the lake just the two of us and it was so incredibly relaxing! We floated around, sipped cocktails, and talked. It was perfect. Friday night we grilled brats for dinner and had a big green salad with my new favorite salad dressing.
{Saturday Lunch}

Saturday we had our dear friends come into town from Raleigh! They brought their two little girls and we had a blast. We ate lunch, which consisted of ham & Swiss sliders, cotton candy grapes, pesto pasta salad with peas and tomatoes, and strawberries. It was light enough we didn't feel like we couldn't slip into our swim suits, but filling enough to that we weren't famished while out on the lake. We changed and headed out onto Lake Norman. You never know how small children are going to handle a boat for the first time, but both girls did great!! Their mom surprised them with matching Ariel dolls and it melted my heart. What a sweet and thoughtful surprise for her daughters! After a few hours of floating and hanging out, we headed home for burgers and hot dogs. I was sad when they had to leave and felt overwhelmed with gratitude for our friendship. They're such a nice family and are just easy to be around! 

{LKN Lounging}
Sunday we helped our friends with organizing (me) and garage storage (Darling Husband), then headed to the pool to cool off after swearing our way through the projects. It was a fun afternoon and I felt instantly soothed to see everything organized and put away. Type A much? We circled back with our friends for dinner, drinks and ice cream and ended the evening winding down at home.

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