Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Thank You: A How-To

Writing a good thank you note is a skill everyone should have in their back pocket. A nice set of stationery (I'm a huge fan of Crane & Co.) and a sincere note can go a long way.  

{Crane & Co. Stationery}

Always begin with the date at the top right corner, opposite the salutation. And don't back date it or future date it, just write the damn date you actually wrote the note. It's never too late for a thank you note!

The greeting: Begin with "Dear (salutation and surname, if a more formal relationship) or (first name if a more casual relationship) 

The gratitude: Start the body of the note directly under the "r" in "dear" for uniformity. 

Be sure to lead with "thank you" and go on to explain what you're thanking them for (is it a gift, an event they hosted, a kind gesture, etc.). 

Be sure to also include how you'll use it (we'll use the stand mixer to whip up birthday cupcakes for years to come! Or we had such a wonderful time at dinner the other night, the roast was fabulous! Or the get well soon flowers were just beautiful and really were a bright spot in my day!, 

After that, include an until next time. We can't wait to celebrate future birthdays together! Or looking forward to another dinner together soon, next time we'll host! Hopefully I'll be back at our work out classes soon so we can sweat it out together! 

Be sure to also reiterate your thanks. Thank you again for such a thoughtful gift. Or thank you again for having us to your home and for the lovely dinner and company. Or you're so sweet to think to cheer me up while I'm under the weather. 

Finally, include the closing goodbye (love, best, cheers, etc.) 

Whenever I know I am going to an event where thank you notes are sure to follow, I make sure to keep a list in my phone of who have what. That way, I can make sure everyone revives a thank you. 

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