Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Fall Is Coming

I honestly don't know what I enjoy more, playing hostess or the planning process beforehand. I was thinking about my social calendar and how fall is quickly approaching. I started thinking about hosting a fall football party and came up with the below menu. Now, the below recipes aren't super quick and easy. But, a lot of them can be made ahead of time and will make for delicious leftovers.

Apps: Brie and cranberry phyllo cups, ultimate grilled cheese triangles 

See my recipe for caramelized onion and Brie phyllo cups here. You can substitute the onions for cranberries. I just simmer them with water and sugar until they split. 

Ina Garten knows her stuff, so I'm trusting her Ultimate Grilled Cheese recipe will deliver. 

Soup: butternut squash shooters 
I made this butternut squash soup for thanksgiving and loved it!

Just the thought of fall weather makes me want to slap on some leggings and a big sweater and dive into a bowl of something hearty and warm. When I came across this recipe for caramelized onion and bacon risotto, I knew I just had to add it to the menu! 

Main: chicken satay with roasted sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts 
Roasted sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts are a pretty consistent side dish for me during the fall and winter. They're easy to make in a big batch and go with everything. 

Dessert: pumpkin pie, spice cake mix cookie sandwiches
Pumpkin pie in miniature form is a must (you don't need to deal with slicing and serving a pie while making sure not to crumble the crust). 
Spice cake mix cookie sandwiches are so easy (I love to make a chocolate and peanut butter variety, also) and taste perfect!

Drinks: plenty of beer (pumpkin and regular) and wine (mulled in the crock pot and regular).

Once Fall rolls around, I'll have to whip up the above menu!

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