Sunday, July 31, 2016

Life Lately

This summer is flying by!

My entire family was in town to celebrate my parents' 38th wedding anniversary. We started the weekend off with a beautiful family dinner catered by Chef Tyler. All the children and spouses have my mom and dad a group gift of a beautiful, custom watercolor family tree. I thought it was a special take on a traditional idea and my parents loved it!

 {Hanging out in the living room}

{Opening their gift} 

We went boating the following day, which started off a little rough. The boat we took out died in the middle of the lake, which was super stressful! Luckily, the staff from our boat club came to the rescue and we simply hopped in another boat (albeit the newest boat in the fleet) and continued on our way. We anchored near a little island where there was live music and floated around, sipped on beers and chit chatted.

{Hey, fam}

{38 years and going strong}

Then we went to my favorite event of the summer! The Charlotte Symphony plays a free concert every year with fireworks in accompaniment. We had a little picnic of sandwiches and yummy wine and listened to the beautiful music. Once it was dark, the fireworks began and it was just incredible. 

{Fireworks, Food, Fam}

On our final day, we hopped in a party bus and headed to Jones von Drehle winery for a whirlwind tasting and lunch before we had to haul ass to the airport and get my siblings on their way. 

 {A beautiful day for some wine tasting}

Then, I turned 28! I started the day boating and floating around Lake Norman. Then, Darling Husband organized a fabulous birthday fiesta to celebrate the occasion, complete with sombreros, fireworks, a pink unicorn piñata, tacos, and margaritas! We invited my family and our friends and had a bitchen time hanging out and enjoying the evening. My favorite part was watching the children go ham on the piñata! It was a successful party and inspired us to have an annual theme party- more on that later.
 {Floating around}

{Pinata time!}

{Hanging out with my tiny friends}

And then my best and oldest friend in the entire world got married! It was the most beautiful wedding and even more fun! The rehearsal dinner was at this darling Mexican restaurant and they had decorated the entire upstairs patio for the occasion. The wedding day was spent relaxing, getting ready, and jumping in a bounce house in the shape of a church. How badass is that?! The ceremony was incredibly beautiful - the views were to die for. The food was perhaps the best meal I've ever had in my entire life. From the Rubin egg roll appetizer to the entree of chicken and waffles, Gorgonzola crusted bacon stuffed Kobe beef and green beans to the fruity pebbles cake - I wanted to eat it every single day for the rest of my life. There were games to play, music to dance to, darling vignettes to sit and chat, and gorgeous views to take in. The weekend was full of love and laughter; just as it should have been!

 {Rehearsal dinner fiesta - complete with flower crown for the bride-to-be}


 {Delicious dinner}

My family welcomed its newest member on July 8th! Claire Elizabeth is teeny tiny with a full head of thick, soft hair (just like her big brother). I finally got to meet her when she was 5 days old and I'm smitten. Her baby coos and her big eyes stole my heart. And then, just when I didn't think it could get any more adorable, she changed into ladybug jammies. I died! 😍

 {Baby Claire}

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