Thursday, June 23, 2016

Our Adpoted Pets

I'm very thankful that Darling Husband and I are both cat people. My family had both dogs and cats, but the dogs were all before my time. Darling Husband grew up with cats and dachshunds, which if I'm being honest, aren't the doggiest of dogs.

We always knew we wanted to get a cat together. My senior year of college, when Darling Husband was in his first year post-grad, we adopted our first fur baby, Patches. Patches was about 7 months old when he came to be part of our family and we fell in love immediately. Since I was in my final semester of college, Patches and Darling Husband spent a lot of quality time together. Their bond is adorable. Patches always follows Darling Husband around the house, sits in his lap when he's working from home, and is the first to greet him when he gets home from work. It really is so sweet how much they love each other.
{Patches' first night living with us}

 {Patches has since grown quite comfortable. Here is is on my side of the bed looking comfy as f#$k}

After having Patches for about 8 months, we knew he needed a friend. So we adopted Poppy. Poppy and Patches got along swimmingly. They would play, cuddle, and groom each other, which caused our hearts to melt. Poppy and I quickly became girlfriends and our home was divided into teams of the sexes. When Darling Husband and I would come home from work, Patches would greet him and Poppy would greet me. We'd all watch a movie together in the living room and snuggle. Poppy has been such a perfect addition to our little family.
 {We came home from work and couldn't find Poppy. She had climbed up the back of the bed, through the pillows, and found a safe spot next to Mr. Bear}

{Patches and baby Poppy}

{This is how Poppy and I lounge}

Darling Husband and I were dead-set on not having more animals than people in our home. Fast forward 4 years and we've exceeded said ratio. I was casually perusing PetFinder one day when I was at work and I kept sending links to Darling Husband (just because they were cute!) and after several hours (and several links sent his way) he responded with a link and a sentence that read, "Look at Chewy. We have to save him." Long story short, Chewy (male) ended up actually being female and we named her Penny. Penny's litter was found in a very rural area of North Carolina when the kittens were just a few days to a week old. They were all alone and their mother had died, so a very nice woman took them in, but couldn't keep them. We took Darling Husband's advice and saved Penny! We met her when she was 3-4 weeks old and fell in love with her teeny tiny kitten self. Penny came to live with us a week later. She and Poppy are IN LOVE. I think Poppy thinks Penny is her kitten. They love each other so much. Patches hisses at Penny and runs away from her, but she really doesn't seem to care. We're hoping he comes around...

 {A very tiny baby Penny}

{Poppy and Penny love}

 {Sleepy Penny Pellegrino}

{The one time Patches and Penny hung out}

We're so happy we've been able to provide a forever home for Patches, Poppy, and Penny! We love them so much and they bring such joy to our live! So, my friends, I advise you to adopt, not shop when looking to add a pet to your home.

 {Penny. Poppy. Patches.}

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