Tuesday, June 7, 2016


When we first bought our home, the front landscaping was very drab. It was the six or so plants that the builder put in and they weren’t anything special. Darling Husband and I knew we wanted to mix it up and change out a few things. Also, we knew that the sloped terrain at the front of our home would not work. We decided to build a retaining wall and level out the slopey side. After deciding on which stones to use, we got to work digging, leveling, and building the wall.

{the mess we were left with after ripping everything out}
I quickly grew frustrated with leveling the base row of stones and was re-assigned to ditch digging duty, which suited me just fine. Bless Darling Husband and his patience! He rocked it out and the wall looks great!

{the wall is finished! and I'm sitting in a rocking chair drinking coffee...}
We decided to plant lavender in the bottom row and they’ve done so well! They really like the sun and are very low maintenance (plus, they smell incredible). On the top row, we removed a crepe myrtle tree and re-homed it in the backyard. We also planted four hydrangea bushes and some gardenias.

{lavender and hydrangeas}
Darling Husband surprised me one morning with a bunch of annuals called celosias, but I refer to them as “the Whoville flowers” because they look like they were torn from the pages of a Dr. Suess book and planted in my yard. They’re oddly adorable.

{See what I'm talking about? Whooville.}

We also encircled our trees with the same stone and made a little border in line with where our trash cans are hidden.

 {hidden garbage cans}

It was a laborious weekend, but I’m very pleased with the end result.

 {Growing in nicely}

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