Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Brands I Love

I love a good fashion trend. I like seeing what styles are coming back into fashion and different ways to wear old items to make them feel new again. I have found a few new brands that I absolutely love, so I thought I'd share them!

Akola Project is a non-profit that empowers women in poverty in five rural Ugandan villages to transform their lives and the lives of their dependents. Akola spends years investing in these women by training them to become Artisans in jewelry and accessory design. Each piece is handmade with paper beads, Ethiopian metal, or Kenyan sea glass. I'm ALL about girl power and helping women improve their lives. These cause-based accessories are beautiful and make wonderful gifts.

{Just one of several styles}

Sheila Fajl is a Brazilian designer who now resides in California. Her earrings are all handmade in Brazil using 18k gold plated over 100% nickel-free brass. That means the earrings are SUPER light and will NEVER turn or tarnish.

{Gold. Silver. Rose gold.}

DL1961 Denim. I have a very difficult time with jeans. I've heard people say, "I love my jeans. They're sooo comfy!" And every time I would curse them under my breath, roll my eyes, and accuse them of being high {in my head}. I mean, there is no way anyone's jeans are rave-worthy comfortable. And then I tired in a pair of DLs.... Any my world shifted. These are the best jeans in the entire world. They're comfortable, they don't stretch out, and they conform to your body. I wonder if these are the jeans they wore in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants... Probably. Just don't dry them because you'll f-up the lycra.

{This is the Emma legging. Perfect for boots in the chillier months or flats and sandals in the warmer months.} 

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