Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Ranking of My Favorite Red Wings

My personal taste in professional sports makes no sense. I'm the youngest of 4 children and the only girl. My dad and my older brothers and even my mom all love football. They love college football, they love high school football, they love professional football. Love love love. I, on the other hand, don't. I spent roughly 13 years of my life as a cheerleader and still to this day don't know the rules of the game. Plus, those games are just so long! Not my favorite.

However, I love hockey. Specifically, I love the Detroit Red Wings. I love how much hugging there is in hockey. Alternately, I like the fights, too. Darling Husband introduced hockey to me early on in our relationship and as I started to learn the rules and the players, I slowly but surely fell in love. Over the years, I have gotten to know the Red Wings by watching them play, looking them up on Wikipedia, and following them on social media. I'm so invested in this team.

Here are my favorite players:
Niklas Kronwall. Not everyone's last name is used as a verb!

Pavel Datsyuk (Darling Husband's all-time favorite). So Russian. So talented. I love his motivational quotes and fishing pictures on Instagram. 
{Pavel Datsyuk}

Johan Franzen. The Mule. I love his tenacity and his familiarity with the penalty box.
{Johan Franzen}

Henrik  Zetterberg. Arguably the most handsome Swede in the world. and he pronounces the word "weather" "wedder" and I find that adorable.
{Henrik Zetterberg. OMG.}

Drew Miller. The 30-year-old silver fox.
{Drew Miller}

And last, but certainly not least, Mike Babcock. The Head Coach. He is delightfully Canadian and has both great hair and a great scowl.
{Coach Mike Babcock}

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