Saturday, November 23, 2013

Words of {Fashion} Wisdom

{Take Vivienne Westwood's advice to heart} 

Working in a boutique is very fun. I feel like I play dress up all day and I absolutely love it. Being around clothes, shoes, and accessories all day has reaffirmed my personal stance on fashion: Spend the money and splurge on good basics and cheap out save your pennies when it comes to the trends. When adding nicer garments to your wardrobe, spend a little more and invest in higher quality pieces. A few staples are:

{a tailored white shirt}

{a black pencil skirt}

{a little black dress with a classic silhouette}

{dark denim jeans}

{a strand of pearls}

{black pumps}

When it comes to trendier items, opt for a less expensive version. Don't spend a lot on things like: 

Save your money. You can find all the swanky digs at Forever 21. They'll wear out just as the trend does. 

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