Monday, November 25, 2013

The {very} Talented Timree

Artist Timree Gold holds a special place in my heart {and home}. Timree's work was first introduced to me by a close family friend. Timree is from my hometown and her specialty is personalized and custom gifts. Two of my {very special} life events were celebrated with gifts designed by Timree. Her painting style is girly, charming, and captures people's memories and favorite things perfectly. These two gifts were very much in keeping with my style! They are sleek, girly, and absolutely adorable.

{When I pledged Pi Beta Phi at Purdue University, my mother gave me a porcelain box {to hold my badge and pledge pin}}

{Five years later, one of my Maids of Honor celebrated my engagement by giving me a ring dish {which reads, "...and she lived happily every after."}}

You can check out all of Timree's work on her website!

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