Friday, November 22, 2013

My Ladybug Kitchen

Ever since I was a baby, my nickname has been Ginna Bug {or just Bug}. Given my moniker, it is fitting that ladybugs have been a decorative staple in my life. As a result, my kitchen has developed a ladybug theme. The ladybug kitchen happened by accident, in fact. I originally wanted my kitchen to have a yellow motif. Then, over the years, I began receiving ladybug kitchen accessories and it developed {quite naturally} into the perfect ladybug kitchen.

{It all began with my ladybug lunch box}

{Then, my sweet friend gave me my ladybug apron as a birthday gift}

{Darling Fiance recently gave me my ladybug teapot}

{My sweet parents spotted my ladybug spatula at The Greenbrier {of all places} and felt I absolutely had to have it - they were right!}

{My sister in law, Amy, gave me an adorable ladybug inspired wine glass. Read her blog about becoming a new mother here!}

{And so on}

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