Friday, November 15, 2013

Heirloom Engagement Ring

My engagement ring is very special to me. Like many girls, I had come down with Engagement Fever a handful of months before my Darling Fiance popped the question. I had looked all over Pinterest at beautiful engagement rings and even tried on a few with a girlfriend {that was a very fun afternoon}. In my head, I had pictured wearing a simple, traditional solitaire diamond ring as an engaged lady. However, my Darling Fiance had different plans for my ring finger. In March of 2012, he got down on one knee and presented me with his great grandmother's engagement ring from the thirties. It had already been sized for my {tiny} hand and it was perfect! Having an heirloom ring of my own, I have been noticing them more and more lately. I was tinkering around on Anthrpologie's BHLDN site a few weeks back and did a double-take when I saw a ring that was shockingly similar to my own engagement ring! I put the image below on Twitter :)

{I always liked Anthropologie. Am I their muse for BHLDN?!}


  1. Maybe they saw your ring and thought it was so special that they had one designed just like it?