Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Music and the DO NOT Play List

After writing about Wedding Music a few weeks ago, my darling friend, Lisa, {from Lisa Loves John} asked me what songs were on my "do not play" list. That comment definitely got the wheels turning! Each bride has her own style and musical preference. However, the following songs will not be included in the soundtrack of my and Darling Fiance's wedding reception:

The Macarena  - Los Del Rio
Cha Cha Slide - D.J. Casper {No. Just no.}
We Are Family - Sister Sledge
Hot In Herre - Nelly {a song about stripping is not wedding appro-pro}
YMCA - The Village People
The Chicken Dance {for the love!}
Everybody Dance Now - C+C Music Factory {that should stay on a Now That's What I Call Music CD and never leave}
Celebration - Kool and the Gang
Hokey Pokey {our D.J. knows us better than that, but had to put it just in case}
Love Shack - The B52's {I can't stand the way they say "Love shack, baaaabbyyy. Love shack, BABY"}
Mambo Number 5 - Lou Bega

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  1. Oh my goodness... I love, love, love this! So thankful that you have "Mambo Number 5" AND "Hot in Herre" on your list. I mean, really, "herre" is spelled with two "r"s to indicate that it is really hot (much hotter than one "r")... that's just no good.