Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bachelorette Party Alternatives

There are many blushing brides-to-be who look forward to their bachelorette party. I, however, was not one of them. The thought of partaking in a stereotypical, "tradtional" bachelorette party gave me anxiety. The strippers, the pervy games, the silk-screened matching t-shirts, the tequila shots, it was all overwhelming!

After talking to my girlfriends, I was put at ease. They helped me realize that i was in no way required to partake in the raunchy aspects. I didn't have to run around and bar-hop with phallic light-up jewelry; I could take a different approach. My wonderful maids of honor completely understood and we decided to go for relaxing, girly theme. We plan to go wine tasting and get massages and play some fun bachelorette games, but nothing too lascivious. 

For me, I want my bachelorette party to be a time to reconnect with my girlfriends who live far away. I want to sip cocktails, relax, laugh, talk, and unwind with my best friends. I'm very excited for my "last hurrah" as a Miss! 

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