Thursday, September 5, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I consider myself to be a budding Domestic Goddess. I love making my home mine by decorating with my personal style and adding unique touches. I enjoy being in the kitchen. I enjoy cooking food for my friends and family very much. I think food is a great way to indulge a little and bring people together at a dinner table. I think my love for the kitchen started at an early age. I would watch my mother cook in awe. She would prepare days in advance for dinner parties for her friends and make the end result look flawless {and taste divine}. My mother and father made me an incredible playhouse, complete with sponge painted walls and a playskool kitchen. This Throwback Thursday photo was snapped the one time I actually played in my playhouse {I had a severe lack of interest on account of all the spiders that would consider my playhouse their abode. Rude}. 

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