Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Importance of Proper Undergarments

Gals, it's important to be aware of the importance of proper undergarments. Before leaving your home for the day, take a spin in the mirror. Make sure there is no VPL {Visible Panty Lines} and that your bra straps are hidden. There is nothing worse than ruining an entire outfit with improper undergarments!   Additionally, make sure you're wearing the correct bra size. A shocking number of women do not know their correct bra size! I recommend going to Nordstrom. Just go to the lingerie department and ask to be measured. With your bra still on, one of the lovely ladies at Nordstrom will first measure your band size {just under the bottom of your bra} and then measure your cup size {the center of your chest}. They'll let you know your proper size and make some recommendation for bras to try. You'll be more comfortable once you are wearing the proper gear to support the girls.

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