Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wedding Planning: Florals

I'm an engaged lady and have been for a while now. My Darling Fiance and I planned to have a long engagement and I'm so happy we did! We've been taking our time planning our wedding, which has been pretty nice. There hasn't been a ton of stress, although I'm sure that time is just around the corner. I've learned quite a bit about flowers along the way. Here are my favorites:

Gardenias. So fragrant and their deep green leaves make the soft white petals stand out.

Hydrangeas. Delightfully fluffy.

Bunches of Baby's Breath. A lot of people see baby's breath as a filler flower, which is fair. But in dense bunches, it makes such a pretty impact.

Bells of Ireland. Tall, green, and add great drama.

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